1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud

1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls

 Overviews :

best 1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud, You will enjoy impressive views day trip to Ouzoud valley, Enjoy the beauty of the Ouzoud Waterfalls and see the resident monkeys, and explore the High Atlas Mountains and taste traditional Berber tagine with top place in Morocco

 Highlight :

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Ouzoud Waterfalls 
  • Enjoy seeing the resident monkeys
  • Discover the High Atlas Mountains
  • Taste traditional Berber tagine 
  • Raid camel 
  • Night in camp

1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starting point: Your hotel or raid/ Airport / Harbor in Marrakech
  • Ending point: Your hotel or raid / Airport / Harbor in Marrakech

Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls :

In the morning we’ll drive towards the Ouzoud waterfalls (Niagara of Morocco) one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa located on the side of the high Atlas Mountains about 110 meters. Located in a lush valley with a number of Berber villages Trek along the waterfalls or walk down 1000 stairs and stay close by in one of the cafe restaurants Have a beautiful view of the waterfalls enjoy the natural scenery and Take pictures of Morocco Niagara… and where the water on the rocks causes a fog giving birth to a rainbow often permanent and the Atlas monkeys can be seen easily in the forest or close to small restaurants trying to get some food from visitors. The waterfalls provide an ideal journey for a day at any time of year. After lunch, have some walks and take the last pictures before driving back to Marrakech around 15-18h pm.




Morocco FAQs

The official languages of Morocco are Arabic, Berber, English, and Spanish. You will also speak French often in Morocco.

The best time to visit Morocco is either in the spring or from March to May or in the fall between September to October. Other months can also be pleasant if you prefer it to be hot and sunny or don’t mind the cold.

There is a public transit system in Morocco that uses 4×4, … Small private and group tours will typically use large vans, and Medium to large motor coaches are used for larger travel group holidays.

Morocco is a great vacation for the family and friends with plenty of all ages to enjoy travel of morocco. Take a ride in Marrakech, explore the Ourika Valley, ait ben Haddou,… ride a camel in the Sahara Desert in Merzouga or Zagora, explore the colorful medina in Fez, and best travel from Casablanca, with tangier, as more.

Even if some touristy merchants will accept Euro instead of the local money, it will be difficult for you to use only Euros or Dollars, Restaurants, Taxis and most shops accept only the local currency the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).

In a word, delícious. Servings of mixed flora are indefectible new, succulent vegetables presented with light vinaigrette as an afterthought. Harira is the Moroccan word for a thick vegetable haze. An especially heavenly bone contains a chuck dumpling. Principle courses are generally one of the accompanyings barbecued meat on sticks regularly presented with French feasts; couscous, either vegan or meat with vegetables; and Tagine, the Moroccan stew, typically meat, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and flavors. Moroccan culinarians use a mélange of flavors, for illustration, cumin, turmeric, paprika, saffron, and pepper for unobtrusively enhanced food.

In the Sahara, you can discover Berber pizza. This is a twofold caked pie loaded up with meat, hard-bubbled eggs, almonds, and flavors. In some cases rather fiery, Berber pizza is stylish eaten with glass after glass of hot, sweet, mint tea. Each seaport has lately gotten fish arranged by the gillers on or close to the docks. Try not to miss this treat! The new organic product is served for cate; Pomegranates melons, bananas, apples, oranges, and dates all delivered in Morocco and all overflowing with flavor. One progressing advantage of the French occupation is the new loaves accessible nearly each over the place. Ignited goods both French and Moroccan are accessible in the multitudinous confection shops of 4 days stint from Marrakesh to Fes via Merzouga desert.

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1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls

Why Ouzoud Waterfall Travel

Ouzoud is a popular tourist destination in Morocco, located approximately 150 km northeast of Marrakech. It is known for its stunning waterfalls, which are the highest in North Africa, with a height of around 110 meters.

The Ouzoud waterfalls are located in the village of Tanaghmeilt, and are surrounded by lush vegetation, including olive groves and fig trees. Visitors can take a hike to the base of the falls, where they can swim in the cool waters, relax in the shade of the trees, or even take a boat ride to the base of the falls.

In addition to the waterfalls, there are several other attractions in the area, including traditional Berber villages, ancient mills, and a number of hiking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Overall, Ouzoud is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Morocco.

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Note : Ouzoud Waterfalls

1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls, we will explore the day from morocco which to start marrakech to ouzoud.

1 Day Excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls